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Native American Day Parade

First Nations Club of Flandreau Middle School & High School participated in the first Sioux Falls Native American Day Parade on Monday October 8th. The students put in a lot of time outside of school to be ready for the parade. We had a tight schedule and budget, but the club made it happen also thanks to the great help from the community. A big thank you goes to Dusty Beaulieu, Bruce Allen, Donalda Montoya, David Kills-a-Hundred, Cynthia Johanson, Christin Weston, Kiya Esquivel, & Colleen Wede. Also, thank you to Mrs. Ahrens for sharing her supplies so that we could make posters. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Mrs. James. First Nations Club is new this years and is open to all interested in learning more about the Oceti Sakowin cultures.


Native American Parade


Students pictured at the bottom from left to right: Tiffany, Diego, Alaina, Maya, Gabby, Dreamer, Mrs. James, Morning, Arianna, Shakowin, Lauren, Trinity, Kenton. Students standing up on the float from left to right: Syri, Breyana, Collin, & Lalo.

Walking Parade