• Flandreau Public Schools Board of Education

    The Flandreau Public School Board is comprised of seven members elected each year for overlapping terms. Each member serves a term for three years. As the governing body of the Flandreau School System, the primary role of the board is the legislation of school system policies that are executed by the superintendent and staff.

    The school board meets on the second Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Middle School Conference Room. Agendas are available in the central office on the afternoon of the Friday before the scheduled meeting and online.

    If there is an agenda item of interest to you or if you wish to address an item not on the agenda, call the superintendent at 605-997-3263.


School Board Members

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  • Welcome to the Flandreau School Board

    The Flandreau School Board welcomes citizens of the school district to attend its sessions so they may become better acquainted with the operation and programs of the schools.

    A reminder that school board meetings are open to the public but are not public meetings.

    In order to assure that citizens who wish to appear before the School Board may be heard, and, at the same time, conduct its meetings properly and efficiently, the following procedures have been adopted.

    • Any individual who desires to speak about an item on the agenda, is asked to present the "request to speak" to the superintendent or Board president. The request may be communicated in oral or written form prior to the meeting.
    • Persons who wish to speak about an item that is not on the agenda must present such request to the superintendent or the Board president, prior to the beginning of the meeting. Persons who present such a request will be allowed to speak about the topic before the meeting is adjourned. No action will be taken on items not listed on the published agenda.
    • Citizens who desire Board action on an item not on the agenda must submit the item to the superintendent at least 10 days prior to the meeting of the Board, at which they wish for the item to be considered.
    • Presentations should be as brief as possible. Unless an extension of time is granted, a speaker will be limited to five minutes. Only one spokesperson will be recognized among a group of people who have a similar concern.
    • Issues that may be detrimental to students or personnel will not be discussed in public. Executive session may be called.
    • The complaint procedure policy will be referenced in matters brought before the Board.
    • School district employees must address issues through the proper chain of command.

    The Flandreau School Board vests in its president or other presideing office, authority to terminate the remarks of an individual when they do not adhere to the rules established above.