There will be a Junior class parent meeting after school on Wednesday the 11th, (tomorrow) in Mrs. Kneebone’s choir room to discuss Prom/ After Prom due to pending weather.

    Following Grand March activites, Jr. Class Parents in attendance will help take down chairs in gym for the dance, move tables, etc.

    After Prom Party: will be held at SDSU Wellness Center. 12:15am load the buses, and return to Flandreau approximately 6am. Activities planned: rock climbing wall, swimming pool, basketball courts, black light dodgeball, escape room, hypnotist. Permission slips and consent forms will need to signed and returned to the school by March 29. Chaperones are still needed!

    Phone books will be delivered the week of November 20th. This is the last fundraiser that we will need everyone's help with! More information coming, will continue to update as we receive it. Thanks for everyone's help with the fundraising!

    Fundraising for After Prom is underway!  All parents with juniors that plan to attend the after prom party are expected to assist in all fundraising efforts.

    The Volleyball concession stand still has many openings that need to be filled.  Also needing parents to sign up for the concession stand at the SDSU football games on October 7 and October 14. Contact Tricia LeBrun to sign up. We need these filled urgently!

    Checks for the $100 per student donation can be made out to FHS Class of 2019 After Prom and turned in at the high school office. A family could pay in installments throughout the first semester as well or do additional fundraising on their own. Reminder, this is in lieu of other fundraising.

    Please check back to our Facebook page and/or this tab for updates regarding the need for help and upcoming meetings as these will be our main communication tools.