• Children's Policy

    The Moody County Resource Center strives to be a vital, friendly, comfortable center for providing cultural, informational, and recreational needs for all members of the county.  The library welcomes children into its facilities and wants a safe and secure environment for children.  We ask each parent or guardian to join us in protecting children.  The following children's policy has been adopted by the Moody County Resource Center Board of Trustees to insure that children will be properly supervised in the library.

    A responsible adult is defined as a parent/guardian, teacher, or assigned child-care giver over the age of 16.

    1.  The responsible adult who has transported minor children onto the library premises or who has otherwise directed or allowed minor children onto the library premises shall be responsible for the care and safety of those children at all times.  This policy affirms that the library staff cannot assume responsiblity for unattended children.
    2.  An unattended child is defined as a child under the age of nine who is not accompanied by a responsible adult.  If a library staff member becomes aware of an unattended child in the library, reasonable measures will be taken to locate the adult.  It this cannot be done, the police will be informed.
    3.  School-age children, ages nine through eighteen, may use the library unattended as long as their conduct is acceptable in a library setting.  Disrupted behavior will not be tolerated and the child will be asked to leave the library premises.  A second warning will result in a loss of library privileges.
    4.  Children will no longer be able to use the library phone immediately following school.  Use of the phone may be permitted after 4 p.m.