2022-23 Student Council

  • Roles of the Student Council Members

    • To officially represent all the students in the school.
    • To identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the school.
    • To communicate its opinion to the school administration on any subject that concerns students and on which the council wishes to be consulted.
    • To promote and encourage the involvement of students in organizing school activities.

    Responsibilities of the Student Council Members

    • To promote the interests of students among the school administration, staff and parents.
    • To inform students about any subject that concerns them.
    • To consult students on any issue of importance.
    • To serve as liaison between students and staff.
    • To advertise and promote all upcoming school events.
    • To organize financial campaigns for school life and charitable activities.
    • To organize educational and recreational activities for students.
    • To maintain good relations, out of mutual respect, with the school staff (the principal, teaching and non-teaching personnel) and parents.
    • To attend all Student Council meetings.

    Qualifications for Student Council Members

    • You must have at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA).
    • You cannot have any D’s or F’s on your last report card, and you cannot have any during your term of office.
    • You cannot have any suspensions from the past or current year.
    • You must possess outstanding leadership qualities.
    • You must be a positive role model!
    • Should any officer incur a “breach of integrity” during the year, he/she will be immediately removed from office, and the second-runner up will take over for the rest of the year.
    • You must have all teacher recommendations completed.
    • No election packet will be accepted after the due date and time.


    Student Council Application Packet