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  • Flier Fight Song
    We're from Flandreau High School, 
    We're proud to let you know.
    We're cheering from the sidelines, 
    prepared for any foe. Rah, Rah, Rah!
    We shall soon have victory, 
    For even if we lose.
    We'll take the loss as sportsman do, 
    For to FHS we're true.
    1-2-3-4, Tell the people who we're for.
    F  -  H -  S.  FHS, Fight Fliers Fight!

  • Congrats to the Girl's Golf Team!

    The Girls' Golf team placed first at the Big East Conference Meet at Salem. Members include: Destiny, Grace, Keva, and Alaina. Great work girls!

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  • District Recognizes Teachers of the Year

    Staff named for Teachers of the Year. Ms. Fischer was named high school teacher of the year. Mrs. Keating was named both elementary teacher of the year and district teacher of the year. Mr. Kelm was named middle school teacher of the year. Congratulations to everyone!

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  • Gassman with District for 25 years

    Mrs. Gassman celebrates 25 years of service at the Flandreau School District. Thank you for your outstanding work!

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  • District Retirees

    Roger Johnson and Diane Johnson will be retiring at the end of this school year. Thank you both so much for the wonderful work you have done. You will be missed around the school.

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